DEEMI owns a Citabria with specifications for High Resolution Imaging Missions. She has the ability to fly slowly enough to allow no blurring of images, low enough with telescoping cameras and filtering systems to overlap images for proper search and mapping She has a high visibility paint job, uprated horsepower engine, and alloy spar allowing aerobatic capability.

Our Huey is a true Veteran, both of the Vietnam war when she was hit in the tail rotor on a medevac mission, then repaired and converted to a rare UH-1V Medevac model, she went on to special forces detachments, and flew over 70 casualties in Desert Strom, back to Riyadd, Saudi Arabia, DEEMI obtained her in 1995 and she is operational and a truly historic aircraft. A soldier from Vietnam has placed his bronze star on board as well.

Dugald “Doug” Kell Sr. of Ellsworth seen here with his Grumman Cougar twin engine aircraft which he donated to DEEMI in 2015
Bangor Daily News Article– Detailing the donation (Link)