“By Space, Air, Land and Sea”

On August 5th, 2015 DEEMI, for the first time, used high resolution satellite imagery on an active search.  Airbus graciously provided DEEMI with three satellite shots in the high profile search for Austin Stephanous and Perry Cohen.  The following images of the Jupiter Inlet provided our senior image analysis team with valuable data in our search efforts.  We again used Airbus imagery, in 2016, in the international search for missing Chinese Sailor, Guo Chuan.

The Airbus optical satellite constellation is additionally augmented with their TerraSAR Satellite. This platform provides DEEMI with highly advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery which is weather independent and a highly useful tool in our search and rescue operations.

DEEMI Satellite Operations are run by our SE Division which houses our Image Processing Lab


DEEMI manned aircraft operations are based on the concept of a Triad.  In SAR Air Operations., each of our aircraft have a unique capability to conduct a wide range search using high resolution imaging as well as other sensors to detect the lost and missing.

The sensor data from our fixed wing aircraft goes directly into the DEEMI Central Server for analysis.

Our UH-1V Huey can get into tight spots, with full capability to retrieve a victim,   



DEEMI has 5 HMMWVs, two are in full SAR Multimission configuration and work on SAR missions as Scout, FLIR, Medical, Crew support, deployment in remote areas, recovery of same, communications relay, water fording, water rescue, night lighting, and other unique missions.  The Maine Military Authority fully rebuilt standard M998 HMMWVs into our Search and rescue specification in 2010.  We fully appreciate what they did to advance our mission, they have been instrumental in many of our missions finding and helping those lost and missing.

Along with the HMMW’s DEEMI also cooperates with the local JEEP club– Penobscot Valley 4 wheel drive to navigate terrain that may be inaccessible by wider vehicles or  requires robust equipment.