Vehicles and Boats

DEEMI has 5 HMMWVs, two are in full SAR Multi
mission configuration and work on SAR missions as Scout, FLIR, Medical, Crew support, deployment in remote areas, recovery of same, communications relay, water fording, water rescue, night lighting, and other unique missions.  The Maine Military Authority fully rebuilt standard M998 HMMWVs into our Search and rescue specification in 2010.  We fully appreciate what they did to advance our mission, they have been instrumental in many of our missions finding and helping those lost and missing.

Based on the M1078 class of Military Vehicles, we operate several to move aircraft such as our Huey Helicopters, or other gear whether from TX or FL or in Maine. These workhorses are also used in mission support for remote teams and are operated now for several years.

Coast Guard specification Seaforce 540 Rescue Boat DEEMI is completing training and gear upgrades for our missions.


We have an M-Gator, military version Gator with six wheels and many options and a diesel engine. It has litter carrying points on the front rack to attend the patient and note the military stretcher in back to use for that purpose.  Its in the hangar with one of our training HMMWVs.