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DEEMI “Life Saver Drop Pod ” For Our Search & Rescue UAV’s

Drone Pod

Parachute PodOn the right you can see the pod system.  A parachute to decelerate fits in the base and the light is designed to see the
device under the tree shroud and for night use by those it”s dropped to.  The system can drop up to 8 pounds of payload from the Viking U4 UAV. We quickly realized during develpment that we could put many other important items into the Pod.  Items such as a cell phone/radio, water as well as nutribars and other items to aide the patient.   We have been conducting Field Trials on the Pod and we are very pleased with the results.

Parachute PodOn the left is the third generation, the finned area holds the parachute to deploy and the base mounts standardly to our UAV, the UMaine Student, Mr. Guillmette used solonoid and electromagnet controls with remote control channels to deploy it safely.

It should be noted that the entire design and fabrication  of our “Life Saver Drop Pod”  was done using CAD/CAM and 3D Printing Technology.

This represents the commitment DEEMI has to working with Universities in an effort to advance Search and Rescue Technology.